Words and Wisdom Series Five – May 3rd – May 7th
12:15pm (UK Time) Each Day

Word and Wisdom Series 5 is an encounter with God’s love through the teachings of St. John of the Cross and how we call can be fully transformed in love.

These talks promise to be truly transformative. You’ll deepen your appreciation for the depth of God’s love for each and every one of us. St. John of the Cross’ teachings will accompany you, strengthen you and affirm you in the truth that “the beloved of God” is your true and inalienable identity.

This series is free with an optional donation.

Introduction to Series Five by Fr.Tony

Daily Schudule

Day 1: 3rd May, 12:15am
Journeying toward the Beloved in the Night: Saint Philip and James

Day 2: 4th May, 12:15am
The Living Flame of Love Guiding Us in the Night

[coming soon]

Day 3: 5th May, 12:15am
Encounter with the God of Intimacy

Day 4: 6th May, 12:15am
Transformed into the Beloved

Day 5: 7th May, 12:15am
Love the Beginning and End of the Journey

Where to Watch

Word and Wisdom Series 5 was broadcasted on both our YouTube Channel and our website’s Live Page at 12:15pm each day from the 3rd May.

The series was presented by Carmelite Priest, Fr. Alex Ezechukwu.

We hope you enjoyed this.