Word and Wisdom Series Two

Welcome to Word and Wisdom Series Two presented by Fr. Kelvin Ekhoegbe.

Word and Wisdom Session 1

Day 1

Blessed Marie Eugene is our guide this week in the spiritual life. Fr Kelvin picks up the human
capacity given to each person to encounter and experience the bond of friendship with God.

Word and Wisdom Session 2

Day 2

Fr Kelvin introduces us to the struggle within the original blessedness as a God given gift of God.
Deformed by such a struggle has a light in such darkness and brokenness. The spiritual impact of
fallenness misdirecting relationship with God is explored via Blessed Marie Eugene’s spirituality.

Word and Wisdom Session 3

Day 3

Friendships’ restoration is the catalyst that is captured in the movement of deformation towards
formation. Delving into the book “I want to see God” by Blessed Marie Eugene OCD,  Fr Kelvin
directs our attention to value the Christ-centredness of his spirituality.

Word and Wisdom Session 4

Day 4

Blessed Marie Eugene interprets the mystical “dark night” of John of the Cross, As a son of Carmel
within his book “I am a daughter of the Church” Marie Eugene intensifies the role of Christ
within our spiritual journey.

Word and Wisdom Session 5

Day 5

IN God’s transforming impact on a person’s life, via friendship, a new language expresses the
personal encounter God gifts a person with. Fr Kelvin explores the forming of a habitual presence
to God as a response to give God permission to be God in our lives.