Word and Wisdom Series Three

St Mary of Jesus Crucified by Fr Yamai Bature

Word and Wisdom Day 1

Day 1: The Martyr who Lived after her Death

Under this theme, the focus is on the first 18 years of the life of Mary of Jesus Crucified. This
reflection highlights a pattern of life after death that characterised Mariam’s existence for the said
duration. She suffered Martyrdom at age 13 but was miraculously restored to life from death by a
mysterious nun whom she reckoned as the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her life after that episode until
she joined the religious life was one of service, difficulties and charity.

Word and Wisdom Day 2

Day 2: Extraordinarily Gifted but yet Ordinary

The focus under this theme shifts to the extraordinary gifts and favours that this saint manifested.
Yet, in her estimation such gifts are not to be given priority over the ordinary commitments that
we have to God through our chosen vocation.

Word and Wisdom Day 3

Day 3: Evil prowls but Love Triumphs

Here the reflection highlights the varied threats that the devil directed at St Mary of Jesus
crucified but yet through the unrelenting exercise of her will in favour of God, love triumphed.

Word and Wisdom Day 4

Day 4: Journeying to the Embrace of God

Here we consider St Mary’s life mission carried out through Carmel, and ultimately leading to
God. By the time she drew her last breath on the earth, hers was honour of working significantly
for Carmel’s presence in the Holy Land. In this noble task, we find an example of unrelenting and
gentle dedicated service to God.

Word and Wisdom Day 5

Day 5: The Thoughts of St Mary of Jesus Crucified

The spiritual legacy of the Carmelite saint is encountered first hand in her sayings and recorded
thoughts. In a bid to provoke thoughtful appreciation, this final reflection basically highlights a
number of sayings by St Mary of Jesus Crucified.