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We have so much happening this year, that we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of what we
have planned. Please check back regularly for further news and updates.

The Living Flame of Love: Encountering the Mystery

21st December 2021

St John of the Cross’s book, The Living Flame of Love, is both a hymn of praise to the Blessed Trinity, and a call to encounter God in life and prayer. The first session of the presentation will look at what the Flame tells us about God and humanity; the second will consider the implications of this, in John’s view, for a life of prayer.

Voices from the Great Tradition Series

20th December 2021

In this final week, Susan and Lori will take you through the teachings of the remarkable Thomas Merton and the Fruits of Contemplation. Part of Thomas Merton’s influence as a spritual writer stems from his conviction that contemplation is for all human beings and not just those in monastic orders. For him, to achieving the deepest level of contemplation requires a real commitment of the active life.

Letting Teresa Speak

January 2022 to February 2022

The course will explore the main themes of Teresa’s life and spiritual teaching. By allowing Teresa to speak to us through her own words, it will provide participants with an insight into her character, her concerns, and the central themes of her mystical theology. While each week will consider a different aspect of Teresa’s life and thought, it is anticipated that themes will re-emerge and develop over the course of the sessions, so that a holistic view of the saint emerges.

Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series

Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series from the Carmelites. Our inspirational online talks are designed to allow you to grow in your spirituality, from the safety and comfort of your own home. All courses will be streamed live and in many cases, you will have the opportunity to access the material after the talk. Participants will hear keynote speakers who will explore the practice of contemplative prayer and spiritual guidance in the Carmelite tradition.

Let Us Dream A Path To A Better Future

26th January 2022 to 23rd February 2022

Over this short online course we will connect and engage online with the mind of Pope Francis revealed in this book. The three chapters : A Time to See, A Time to Choose and a Time to Act are invitations to discern the sign of the times. With a sense of togetherness let’s explore what vision emerges from the book and explore the challenges felt in this Pope’s exposé of a better future as he perceives it.

Living Prayer Lecture Series – Receiving True Life from the Tree of Life

Starting 8th January 2022

In this in person talk at Boarshill, exploring this theme will help towards a greater appreciation of the deep desire of God to see the divine beauty reflected in us; being inspired to strive in letting ourselves be enthralled by God- the Beauty ever ancient and ever new – and having allowed ourselves to be seduced by such beauty as Jeremiah the prophet would put it (cf. Jeremiah 20:7), continue to be transformed in beauty.

The Three Ways of the Spiritual Life and Prayer – The Fiery Nights

Starting 11th December 2021

In this online talk, we will be looking at St John of the Cross’ approach to the traditional concept of the three ways of the spiritual life – the purgative; the illuminative & the unitive, taking as a guiding image John’s use of the log in the fire.

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