Let us Dream

A Path To A Better Future

Papal talk is a new initiative to encourage people to reflect on Papal insights. We begin with Pope Francis’ book “Let Us Dream – A Path To A Better Future”. This book gives the impression of Pope Francis holding a bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. A man of faith who is in touch with reality. He offers his opinion clearly on current affairs, setting him apart from other world leaders. In doing so, His Holiness has ventured where many an angel would fear to tread – and left himself vulnerable, personally. Yet in Let us Dream we have an author who encourages us to face such realities confidently and discern what we are to learn from it all.

We need too a healthy capacity for silent reflection, places of refuge from the tyranny of the urgent. Most of all we need prayer, to hear the prompts of the Spirit and cultivate dialogue in a community that can hold us and allow us to dream

Pope Francis

Online Group

Over this short online course we will connect and engage online with the mind of Pope Francis revealed in this book. The three chapters : A Time to See, A Time to Choose and a Time to Act are invitations to discern the sign of the times. With a sense of togetherness let’s explore what vision emerges from the book and explore the challenges felt in this Pope’s exposé of a better future as he perceives it.

There is no growth in our spiritual lives if it is rooted in unreality, does the Pope see reality or unreality? Does his reflection make us rethink how we can engage life differently in a post-covid era? Does this book speak to our faith journey at the local level, does it give us a perspective on how things may be for other peoples? Have we given permission to narcissism, pessimism and discouragement to the point of reflecting more a spirit of individualism than communion with our neighbours?

Nature of the Group

This is a reflective time together.  It is a way by which we can bring our faith to converse with the mind of a Pope who has more than once raised a few eyebrows. Maybe, he is a controversial figure for you too but, is this built on hearsay, or, from what you have read of him, or, have you actually ever read anything the Pope teaches except through others?

Perhaps this is a time to pick up something he has written and discern for yourself with others, if what is being said of him, still rings true for you.  Synodality – i.e. a “walking together” is encouraged by this Papacy and this is one way we can be challenged as well as affirmed in our faith journey. Our future depends on the spirit of communion which for Pope Francis can be reflected in disagreement, holding to a “unity in diversity” which can invite us also to see ‘diversity in unity” too. None of us has all the answers but together we can grow into how the Spirit is leading us in and through such a group.

Join and reflect on Pope Francis’ invitation to dream a future not only for the Church but of our society.

Every Wednesday weekly – 8pm – 9:00pm

Online only course.

Begins : Wednesday January 26th 2022.

Course Requirement: Let us Dream Book is the course material